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Neighbour Day

The principal aim of Neighbour Day is to increase positive and sustainable social connections between people and communities throughout Australia. In doing so, Relationships Australia as the home of Neighbour Day aims to support healthy relationships and assist in tackling the loneliness epidemic in this nation. Neighbour day is held on the last Sunday of March.

Who is a neighbour?

The word ‘neighbour’ has undergone a revival during last summer’s bushfires and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the term ‘neighbour’ is well understood as someone who supports others in times of need. Someone who picks up shopping or other essentials for others. Someone who checks in regularly to make sure people are ok. Someone who volunteers to help those needing support. A neighbour can be someone in your street, or the wider community, your workplace, or online. Maybe in Australia, perhaps overseas. Neighbours connect and provide support to those living next door and to those further away. We have the capacity to build communities beyond our physical locations. Neighbours can be anyone.

We began our neighbour functions in 2017 in March.

In 2021 Neighbour Day’s theme was ‘Every day is neighbour day’ – building on the growing movement of people taking neighbourly actions every day of the year. Encouraging social connection is the essence of Neighbour Day every day.

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